Millview Parties On St Patrick’s Day

22 March 2022

Millview Parties On St Patrick’s Day

Team Millview channelled the spirit of Ireland this St Patrick’s Day with fun-filled celebrations.

Activities Co-ordinator Lindsay Massot and her Colleagues put on an Irish extravaganza.

They lined up a day of quizzing, music, dancing and delicious treats for the Residents.

Residents took part in a competitive quiz after learning about Ireland, its history and landmarks.

According to Lindsay, the day got swinging when the music and dancing began.

Lindsay said: “We wanted to make this a very joyful day for the Residents.

“We screened the St. Patrick’s Day parade to get them in the spirit before putting on some music.

“There was plenty of singing and dancing as everybody got involved in the festivities.

“Later, we had a tipple to toast the occasion and feasted on shortbread shamrocks and Irish green cupcakes.

“We hope we did St Patrick proud!”

The Millview Activities Team has taken residents on virtual tours throughout the year.

They’ve already ‘been’ to China for Chinese New Year, Paris for Valentine’s Day and popped in Oz for Australia Day.

St Patrick’s Day has followed the St David’s Day Welsh celebrations, and many more are planned.

Lindsay added: “We love seeing how much Residents enjoy your excursions.

“We’ve got plenty more planned, and we intend to continue globetrotting throughout 2022!”