Worldwide Culinary Tour Takes Priory Residents Where They’ve Never Been Before

8 September 2021


Residents at The Priory are having a gastronomic adventure this summer as they travel around the world in 60 days.

Activities Co-ordinator Ken Harrop launched the initiative earlier this summer to bring the magic of holidays abroad to the Home.

At each ‘destination’, Residents enjoy a menu of the country’s classic dishes, decorated dining rooms and a fun-filled quiz.

So far, The Priory have ‘visited’ Jamaica, Australia, Italy and will soon arrive in India.

According to Ken, it’s been a fantastic chance for Residents to try foods they’ve never had before.

Ken said: “It’s been a voyage of discovery, and the Residents have had a great time.

“At every stop, we try to give a flavour of the culture, as well as the country’s cuisine.

“What’s been great is that Residents have been able to try foods they’ve never had before and discover dishes they love.

“Jerk chicken was a crowd-pleaser on our Jamaica stop, for example.”

Another benefit of the world tour is that Residents have shared memories of their favourite holidays and talked about the places they’d love to visit.

Ken added: “It’s been a long time since holidays were on the menu for any of us, thanks to the pandemic.

“So, having the chance to talk about our favourite trips and discuss our dream destinations has been lovely.

“We’re looking forward to bringing more of the world to The Priory in the coming weeks.”